How to Draw Peter the Strawberry

Artist: metaxel / July 4, 2009

Step 1.

Start off with a circle and a rectangle only slightly longer then the circle. Don't forget the triangle at the bottom to help you out. Think of this shape as an ice-cream cone.

Step 2.

Next add the circle's for the eye's the nose and the chin.

Step 3.

Now make the eyes and the leaf top of his head.

Step 4.

Now get the bottom and his shape finished.

Step 5.

Add the details and your done.

Step 6.

For more fun, try coloring it and adding a background. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Artist: metaxel
Date Added: July 4, 2009
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Description: Learn how to draw Peter Griffin's Ancestor: Peter the Strawberry, who was featured in Family Guy's episode: Peter's Progress.