How to Draw Penguins

Artist: Uialwen / October 13, 2010

Step 1.

Choose a pose. Draw the outline of the main ways the body. I prefer to start with the head and spine, then attach the fusiform body. At this point, you should already have a selection of photos as reference for your illustration.

Step 2.

Add limbs and tail. You must have clear the perspective in your drawing, in this case the difficulty is that you're drawing paired structures, but the perspective and poise makes them asymmetric, it is important to know the correct position that mus   

Step 3.

Define the silhouette. Give some touches of realism, such as small feathers below the peak and in the lower boby. Establish general characteristics of the face. Wich it is simple, because the birds do not have facial muscles to give them expression.

Step 4.

Anatomy. This is what I am interested that you understand. If you want to learn to draw a realistic animal, you should study anatomy! The correct position of the bones determined the basis for body volume, the correct location of the limbs, etc. You   

Step 5.

Here you can see the relation of the skeleton with the body volume and position.

Step 6.

Features. Add color patterns that define the specie.

Step 7.

In this case, the animal is a Humboldt penguin. You can see that in his neck has one black collar, unlike the Magellanic penguin (with which could be mistaken) that has two black lines. Cape penguin has facial features that can differentiate from the   

Step 8.

I hope that this tutorial has been helpful ;)

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Artist: Uialwen
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Description: I believe that to achieve any realistic drawing, in order to master this technique, it requires a large study, using different photos, some full-length, others zoom of the face and the most important details. I recommend that you also investigate the anatomy of the animal, to understand the muscle positioning, the right angles in the joints, etc. Obviously this does not apply if the only thing you want is to reproduce a photo, if that's what you want, then this tutorial is not for you.