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How to Draw Gloria

Artist: Dawn / November 18, 2010
How to Draw Gloria

Step 1.

Since Gloria is a female penguin figure, her body shape is going to be more curvy than a male penguin. Start by making her head shape, and then draw out the two sides of her neck like so. When that is all done, you can then draw another circle for he   

Step 2.

Now begin sketching out the entire form of her penguin figure and remember what I said in part one, she is a female, and females have curves. Now you can sketch out her right fin, and be sure you draw the opening at the bottom, this is where her feet   

Step 3.

Sketch out her left fin or wing, and then begin sketching out her feet, and tail feathers in the background near the feet. Next, add more definition to the lower part of her face, and then draw out her beak and or bill like so.

Step 4.

For the last drawing step all you have to do is detail her feet by making them look like bird textures feet. Next fluff up her body a bit like you see here, and then draw out and color in the eyes. Lastly, sketch out her mouth in more detail. Erase t   

Step 5.

Here is your newly drawn image of Gloria. Now you can color her in, and draw her next to the love of her life, Mumble. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw Gloria from Happy Feet.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 18, 2010
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Tags: how to draw penguins, how to draw happy feet, how to draw happy feet characters
Description: Like I said before with my other lesson that I submitted the other day on Mumble, there is a new Happy Feet film coming out in the year 2011. Today I will be giving you a lesson on Mumble's love interest Gloria. She was one of my favorite characters in part one, and I think it's because she had an open mind when it came to understanding someones flaws. Learning "how to draw Gloria" is going to be wicked fun because she looks exactly like she does in part one. I know some of you wanted me to draw the older version of Mumble, but I figured most people would appreciate the younger version of him since that is the image most folks are familiar with. Anyways, Gloria is a penguin with a lot of qualities that other male penguins are looking for in a mate. Unfortunately she is looking for a companion that is sweet, caring, and who is into her for her instead of her looks or what family she comes from. The only down side to her new character for Happy Feet 2, is the fact that Brittany Murphy is not going to be her voice actress. Instead Pink will be taking her place, and this is as you know due to the fact that the young talented actress died last year from cardiac arrest. She was only thirty two year old, and one of the likable actresses on my list. I think Pink will fill her shoes just fine as the new voice talent for Gloria. I think the movie may be a hit, but then again I have been wrong in the past as to what will be a hit and what wouldn't. The one thing I am certain of, is the fact that you will be able to "draw Gloria from Happy Feet" once you are done with this lesson. I will be back with one more tutorial for you guys, and yes it is another Marvel character from the new X-Men movie for 2011. Peace people!