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How to Draw Nightmare Moon (MLP)

Artist: Asparas / June 24, 2012
How to Draw Nightmare Moon (MLP)

Step 1.

First you will draw the head. Start with a circle and curve out about halfway fo the nose/mouth. Then shape the armour around the head, inging the bottom down to where part of the neck will be. Add the ears, and the smaller details such as the mouth    

Step 2.

Now let's add on the body. I didn't really draw a guideline for it so just follow along as best as you can. You will also add the wings, and the beginnings of what will be a chest plate amour with her cutie mark, the crescent, inside. There is also   

Step 3.

Now for the two hind legs, this is a really simple step, and we aren't quite to the armour on her hooves yet. I don't really know how to really this one down, but I know that you can do it without my help.

Step 4.

Now for one of the front legs and the remainder of the chest plate armour we started earlier. This foot is almost exactly like the other two except, this one just goes straight down. The chest plate is the same design as the armour, and the crescent    

Step 5.

Now we will make the forth leg, and this ones is up like it would be if she was walking, or maybe stomping on something. It curves out of the chest plate armour and i guess that's all for this step.

Step 6.

We are going to abandon the body for a minute and go back to the face. Only one eye is visible as she is partly turned away from us, and when you draw it in, its kind of round on top with a straight bottom. Draw in the large eyelid, and the circle fo   

Step 7.

Now we add detail to the hooves. The pattern has the same one as the rest of her armour, and is fairly easy. Just build up a point, bring it down in sort of a curvy triangle, and add a little half circle before you connect it back to the hoof. Do thi   

Step 8.

Okay so now we do the mane, and in the photo I didn't underline the part of the mane between the two legs so add that in there too. You don't have to follow the mane exactly, because it is sort of just where you're hand places it.

Step 9.

The final step is the long flowing tail. Like the mane try just to place it where you feel comfortable.

Step 10.

Oops! I almost forgot a step. Her cutie mark. That is why it a different color than the rest. The cutie mark is simple just follow the little pattern and you should do great.

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Artist: Asparas
Date Added: June 24, 2012
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Tags: how to draw nightmare moon
Description: This is my first tutorial ever on here and i did my best. Apologizing in advance about the lack of quality, and such as well. Other than that, enjoy the tutorial for Nightmare Moon. I was going to color it on my tablet, but I was lazy so you might never see mine if full color