How to Draw Naruto Fox Demon

Artist: maryann / November 18, 2010

Step 1.

Star with the basic shapes, his face (more like an deformed U) his head banner,back and arms

Step 2.

Next step is his legs ,make the right leg longer than the left. Add his backpack and belt

Step 3.

Make more details in the pants area like folders,and also his shirt. Add another backpack on top of his right. Add some small details in the backpack.

Step 4.

Next step is to make the hair,basically just make pointy tops all the way around but dont forget the hair close to his face. Add then the demon fox details,you can make the tails how ever you want,but dont forget the bubbles.

Step 5.

Add some shock waves close to his body covering his legs and arms,pointy upwards, dont forget his face,make fox like eye shape and teeth and angry mouth.

Step 6.

final step :)

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Artist: maryann
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Description: Learn "<em><strong>how to draw Naruto Fox Demon</em></strong", step by step! I hope you'll enjoy this tut :)