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How to Draw Monster Kid From Undertale

Artist: Dawn / December 3, 2015
How to Draw Monster Kid From Undertale

Step 1.

Make the shape of the head and draw in each spike on Monster Kid's head.

Step 2.

We will now draw out the shapes of the eyes, then draw the mouth, tooth and slits for the pupils. Add some scales on the face and hope down to step three.

Step 3.

We will draw Monster Kid's body. Start with the neck and then draw the torso, hips and legs. Lastly, draw in the tail and you're done.

Step 4.

Erase the mistakes if you made any, then draw the stripes on the shirt.

Step 5.

Here is the line art when you are all done. Color in Monster Kid and show someone who is also a fan what you just made.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 3, 2015
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Tags: how to draw undertale characters, how to draw undertale
Description: I know all you Undertale lovers and fans will recognize this character. Not only did my little sister tell me to make a tut on how to draw Monster Kid from Undertale, I also had a few people send me requests for him as well. What I like about Monster Kid is the fact that he truly looks like a monster. I mean look at him, no arms, a reptilian body and a pretty intimidating face. Anyways, drawing Monster Kid shouldn't be too complicated. Go ahead and have some good fun and wait for the return of my next submission.