How to Draw Mega Banette

How to Draw Mega Banette
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Draw out the beginning shape of the face and head. The head consists of cone like shapes.


Draw in the eyes, then draw the smile in a zipper like form. You will also make the same style stripe vertically down the head and forehead.


Here you will draw a slithering style tail like shape which is actually part of the head.


Begin drawing the body by making a spiked tip. Add the separation lines for the clothing.


Finish the first layers of the body like so. The shapes almost look like leaves.


Add more striped lines down the edges of front part of the body style like you see here.


You will draw the rest of the body shape or at least for the front part of the body.


You will now draw the arms and massive shaped size hands. They almost look like lobster claws.


Detail the opening of the claws, then proceed to step ten.


Lastly, draw the knives like claws on each hand. When that is done erase the mistakes.


Here is the line art for Mega Banette. Color it in and you have now finished another Pokemon species.

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August 14, 2014

How to Draw Mega Banette is going to be a cool, different Pokemon species to create. I don't know much about this species, all I know is that it's an evolution of Banette, and Shuppet. If you have been waiting for this tutorial here it is. I had fun making it because of the colorful shades of purple hues.

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