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How to draw Furret

Artist: GlaceonLover1 / August 16, 2014
How to draw Furret

Step 1.

Start off with a circle with a cross section for the face. Add two triangles for the ears.

Step 2.

Add a fat "J" and shape at the bottom for the long body.

Step 3.

Add an extra curve and the end to complete the "J" shaped body.

Step 4.

Add four small curves with lines at the end for feet and toes.

Step 5.

Add eyes, a small mouth, fur division at the top and back, plus other details.

Step 6.

Draw some stripes on the bottom half of the body and three triangles at the end of the tail.

Step 7.

Erase your guide lines, add blackings, and you’re done!!!

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Artist: GlaceonLover1
Date Added: August 16, 2014
Steps: 7
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Tags: draw pokemon, how to draw pokemon
Description: I finally got back on dragoart and now I have a tut for you now that I'm back requests are very much needed. If the pics are blurry I'm using my ipad so it may happen.