How To Draw Love Hearts

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Okay start with drawing out two egg shaped circles for the shapes of the two love hearts. Obviously as you can see one is bigger than the other.


Now in step two you will start drawing out the shapes of the hearts and then you will also draw out the beginning lines for the ribbon banner and the arrow.


What you will work on next is drawing out the roses that I have placed on and around the two love hearts. This is very easy to do if you follow the steps the way I lay them out for you. After that is done draw the top shape of the smaller heart as se   


As you can see you are almost done with the love hearts tutorial. What I want you guys to do next is sketch out the ribboned banner and then cap off the bottom of the larger heart by drawing out it's point. Next sketch in some rose leaves on the rose   


Now that your loves hearts are drawn out you can start drawing out the arrow tip as well as the nock and then the stem of the arrow. Draw another rose in the lower left corner of the hearts and then draw the thorned tail that is going to be wrapped a   


Finish drawing out thorned vine that is wrapped around the arrow and then finish drawing out the roses as you see them here. Add dripping blood on the tip of the arrow head and then move to the next step to add the shading into your drawing.


All you will have to do here is start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Then you will sketch in all the shading on your love hearts, arrow, roses and ribbon.


This is what your finished drawing of your sketch should look like when you are completely done. All you have to do is color it in and you have finished this tutorial on how to draw love hearts step by step.

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April 20, 2009

Description: I am going to do another tattoo drawing lesson and it's going to be on another heart design. I wanted to teach you guys how to draw love hearts because it is a real popular tattoo design that people get nowadays and even during the days of our past. Love hearts is nothing more than two hearts that are close and connected to each other. It represents on how two hearts are in love or close to each other symbolizing the love you would have for someone like a wife, husband, father, mother, brother, sister, boyfriend, or girlfriend, and even your best friend. You can draw out one of these designs and on the ribboned banner you can add an inscription that says best friends, lovers, or whatever else you think would make a good inscription. I really did have fun drawing out this tattoo heart design and I hope all of you will at least use this lesson for your own benefit. Hey, you know what? Mothers Day is coming up, maybe you can use this tutorial to make a nice card for your mom, wife, or girlfriend. Okay well I have to go but I will be back. In the mean time try out this lesson on how to draw love hearts step by step. I think you will find that the tutorial is easy to follow which makes drawing love hearts easy as 1,2,3.

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