How to Draw Lord Macintosh, Brave

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Let's begin with a circle shape for the head and then draw in the facial guideline.


Next, we will start sketching out the actual structure of the face shape starting with the top part of his face which is also the forehead. Draw in the pattern of the beard line like so, and make sure to make the indents for his cheek bones.


Sketch in the thick fiery looking eyebrows and then color them in as well. Draw the shapes of the eyes, and then carefully draw in the very strong, broad looking nose which has a very sharp point at the tip. Don't forget to add those bags under his e   


Now lets color in some pupils, then sketch in the frown lines around the sides of his mouth area starting at the base of each nostril. Draw the large ears as well as detail the insides of them. Draw the mouth and teeth before you leave this step.


You will carefully start drawing out the very bushy, long, wavy beard that starts at the lower sides of his chin, and then hangs very low. The best thing to do is to draw out the outline of the beard, then sketch in the detailing such as the strand l   


You will finish drawing Lord Macintosh by sketching out his very full head of hair. It should be in the same thickness and pattern as his beard, and it should also be drawn raised from his head in a wild, crazy looking manner. Lord Macintosh has the    


Here he is all cleaned up and ready for face paint and color. I hope you had fun with drawing Lord Macintosh, if you need a reference for the face paint, just look at the colored image.

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April 20, 2012

Description: I can almost guarantee that this next character is going to be one of the more popular figures in the film 'Brave' from Disney Pixar. He looks a lot like Mel Gibson when he played William Wallace did when he had his face painted blue in the film ‘Braveheart’. Unfortunately there is really not a whole lot I can tell you about this eccentric but playful looking character except what I read. Before I get into the facts about his personality, let me tell you who you will be getting a lesson on next. Brave is filled with a few visually striking characters including this one, so here you will be learning "how to draw Lord Macintosh", step by step. Lord Macintosh is the leader of his Scottish clan, and he is almost always going to be seen wearing a kilt without any shirt underneath. He has a wild appearance with his crazy looking hairstyle and painted face as well as a very goofy looking expression. I can’t wait to see how his role will be incorporated in the film. I really enjoyed drawing Lord Macintosh because he is s fun looking character. I think you will have fun too, especially if you’re Scottish as well. Any who, have fun and be sure to leave a comment and rating, thanks.

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