How To Draw Leafeon

Artist: xXMedicGirlXx / September 20, 2009

Step 1.

Draw out the guidelines as shown. The two circles are for the body shapes and all the lines indicate the other body parts. These guidelines will be in blue the entire time so they are easier to see.

Step 2.

Draw in the ears and the top of the head. Keep in mind that this is a grass-type Pokemon and its ears and parts of its body should look like leaves. To make them look like leaves, give them jagged areas and then smooth lines.

Step 3.

Sketch in the body as shown. The body connects around the two circles that you drew earlier and by the ends of the legs, et cetera, there are slightly curved pieces. These curved pieces are also supposed to be leaves.

Step 4.

Draw the legs in first. The paws should be rounded and have three little toes each. The draw in the tail in the same manner as the ears. Make it look like a leaf...give it jagged edges and smooth lines.

Step 5.

Erase all the blue guidelines EXCEPT the blue line making up the bottom of the head. Then add in the leaf details (the lines) as shown. Draw in the eyes, which are small ovals with another circle inside, and then add in its little tiny nose.

Step 6.

Then, finally, draw in a few lines where the skin color will change to green for the leaves.

Step 7.

And here's your final drawing! Now you know how to draw Leafeon! Please comment and rate to tell me how I did- thank you! ^_^ (PS- If you have any, leave your Pokemon requests in a comment too!)

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