How to Draw Registeel


Draw out the basic guidelines like these. It looks almost like a talisman of some sort. The three circles are for the head and shoulders and the lines are for the arms, lower body and legs.


Draw in the center head piece and then draw the shoulders in around the circle guidelines.


Draw in the bottom of the body which looks like the neck of a bottle upside-down. Then draw in the two arms and fingers as shown. There are three curved fingers on each arm and each arm should be slightly curved.


Draw in the outside piece around the center and then finish off by drawing the curved legs.


Erase all of the blue guidelines and you should be left with something similar to this. Then you can draw in the other small details that are shown here in red.


And here is your finished drawing! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please leave me a comment and please rate! Thank you! ^_^

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October 10, 2009

Description: There are so many Pokemon that it may be very well impossible for me to do them right now, I'm doing all of my favorites and all the requests I get. So...drop me a request and tell me your favorite Pokemon that you want to learn how to draw! Enjoy this tutorial! :D

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