How to Draw Leafa


We will start with some simple guidelines and shapes. One for the head and another for the torso. Once that is done you can add the facial guidelines and then the shoulder lines.


Draw in detail the shape of Leafa's face like so, then add some hair chunks which are the bangs.


Complete the head shape by drawing in the rest of her hair. Notice the layers on the sides. More hair is coming, so be patient.


Using the facial guidelines you need to draw out the big wide open eyes. The upper lids should be thick and black. Draw the ears and then add a smile and nose.


Leafa has a long skinny neck so draw that in next. When that is done you can draw more of her hair which are in chunky strands.


Leafa has a leaf like star in back of her hair or head so draw that in as well along with the small bump for the shape of her head.


You will now draw her torso. This is just the breasts and the top straps.


Add the edgy choker that she is wearing, then draw a star on each of her breasts. You will also need to give Leafa some cleavage as well as detailing or design detailing for her top.


You are almost done drawing Leafa. What needs to be done here is the rest of her upper body. This includes shoulders, arms and her waist area. Add the glove line as well near the sleeve cuffs.


Add design detailing on her sleeves and then draw the marks on the gloves. That's pretty much all you have to do here.


And finally, draw in the long rope shaped hair or ponytail. I told you there would be more hair and here it is. Erase your mistakes and then the guides.


It is now time to color Leafa in from Sword Art Online. I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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November 23, 2014

Description: This tutorial goes out to all you Sword Art Online fans who have been waiting days or even years for a lesson on "how to draw Leafa", step by step. She is a pretty yellow haired girl that wears a suit that is colored to match her. Leafa's manga/anime name is actually Suguha Kirigaya, and she is the cousin of Kirito. I don't know much more about Leafa then what I have already said. I really just made this lesson because she was requested and I try and always fill requests. As a matter of fact, most of the tuts that will go up today are done because they where requested so stick around to see if what you wanted pops up next.

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