How to Draw Lazlo

Artist: Dawn / September 8, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes for Lazlo. Start by drawing a tall shape for his head and hat. then draw a curved line for the mouth and chin. Now draw out the shirt and then the guidelines for the arms, legs, and   

Step 2.

Okay in this next step you will start drawing out more of the shapes that make up Lazlo. Start by adding some detail to his scout hat by drawing a line threw it. Next draw the outline of his hair and then give him eyebrows. You will then draw two cir   

Step 3.

Now what you will be doing is giving him some pupils as well as ears. Two tiny holes are for his nostrils and then finish off his mouth. Draw his Bean scout neck bandanna and then draw out his hands. You can go ahead and erase all the guidelines and    

Step 4.

There you have it! You have just finished drawing Lazlo from Camp Lazlo just color him in and you are done. I will be back with another cool drawing tutorial in a bit.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 8, 2008
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Tags: how to draw monkeys, how to draw camp lazlo characters
Description: Hello again fellow artist and welcome back to this fantastically delicious drawing site on the web. Today we will have a little fun and do a tutorial on another Cartoon Network character that is incredibly adorable and funny. So what you will learn "how to draw is Lazlo" from Camp Lazlo. For those of you that are familiar with this animated character, you already know that he is a skinny Brazilian spider monkey that is a bean scout who resides at a summer camp called Camp Kidney. Lazlo is a funny charismatic character that stays optimistic about everything, even when things go wrong. There was this one episode where he was seen as the luckiest scout at the whole camp and his friend wanted to be lucky as well. So fates are twisted and now Lazlo is the one with the bad luck and his scout mate has all of his good luck. No matter how down in the dumps he felt, he always stayed optimistic. Lazlo has a very enthusiastic approach to solving problems. This is a good quality right? Well not for Scoutmaster Lumpus, he has a problem with the way Lazlo handles and solves problems. Another character that Lazlo is very fond of is Nurse Leslie. Even though the name is Leslie the nurse is a boy. He is not only a boy but a pink colored shark that all the Bean Scouts simply love and appreciate (as depicted in one of the episodes that I watched). I love this animated cartoon show because Lazlo sort of reminds me of SpongeBob Squarepants in a lot of ways. The two characters are incredibly cute and funny. Both of them have idiotic friends and enemies. Some of the characters that reside at Camp Kidney are; Raj who is an Indian elephant and also speaks with a slight accent from the country of India, Clam who is an albino rhino and who is also a part of the “Jelly Trio”, Scoutmaster Lumpus who is a tensed up moose that is also very conceded of himself, then you have Slinkman who is a banana slug and the assistant to Scoutmaster Lumpus. This is one scout that knows the Bean Scout manual like the back of his hand. Then you have Gretchen the alligator, Nina the giraffe, and patsy the mongoose; all three make up the girl trio called the Squirrel Scouts. The Dung Beetles and Edward the Platypus are the last two that I can remember at the moment, but I know there is a lot more. This show is truly a gem; I watch the series whenever I get a chance too. This tutorial will show you how to draw Lazlo from Camp Lazlo step by step. I made him super easy to draw and the instructions are wicked easy to follow. I will be back with more tutorials later.