How to Draw King Kong

Artist: Dawn / January 16, 2008

Step 1.

Lets start off by drawing two circles. One is for the head which is shaped like an egg, and the other is also shaped as an egg but bigger and wider. Notice how the larger circle overlaps the smaller one.

Step 2.

Now, here is were the image looks goofy, make two small circles on both the left and right hand side. Both circles are overlapping the larger circle. Now move down a bit and draw two other slightly larger circles, the one on the right is round and th   

Step 3.

Now you can start to sketch out his arms that will later form his shoulders and forearms. Eventually the shapes will all connect and take form.

Step 4.

Now this is were you sketch out the shoulders and connecting them together with the shapes that you drew out earlier. Your drawing should look like this when your done with this step. One more thing, the lines your drawing should have a roughness to    

Step 5.

Continue with finishing off the arms by sketching out the forearms. Look at the image as you can see the apes hands are starting to take shape and this is exactly what your looking for.

Step 6.

Sketch out the shape of the gorillas head and remember don't forget the fur detailing when your forming his head. After you've accomplished his head move onto his torso. He is a big gorilla so he will have the same features as one. Keep that in mind    

Step 7.

Start sketching out his chest in this step. His nipples protrude out of his chest.An easy way to draw the two chest muscles is to draw two large U's. Also prepare his chest with the lining for his scare marks. Move down on the image and sketch out hi   

Step 8.

In this step what you will be doing is finishing off the monkeys feet, left hand and legs. The hard parts are coming up next.

Step 9.

Define his face by drawing his nose. Now the nose looks like a fancy shaped heart, and the eye brows are shaped down and mean. Put the scares on his chest and give them the appearance of being recently cut open.Sketch more detail to his shoulder. Bef   

Step 10.

Finish off the face in this step by drawing the eyes frown around the mouth and scares on the face. He is a mean looking gorilla isn't he.

Step 11.

Now in this step it's all about the detailing. Lightly sketch out his fur on his forearms. Do this by sketching out v shaped waves. Draw this just like your sketching out hair. Add the details to his fingers, knuckles, toes, and chest with simple cra   

Step 12.

This is it your image is done. Your gorilla King Kong should look like this when your finished. I know he was a bit tricky to draw but it all was worth it in the end wasn't it. You can color him if you like or you can leave him the way he is. Till ne   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 16, 2008
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Description: King Kong the giant ape that gained popularity with American culture when he took screen in his first debut movie back in 1933. It was about a big oversized gorilla from Skull Island that was discovered by a filming crew that went there to shoot a movie. The crew was lead by Carl Denham who also brought along his good friend Jack Driscoll and a beautiful actress named Ann Darrow that he happens to be in love with. While on the mysterious island they run into the natives who later capture the scarlet actress to use as a sacrifice for the giant ape they worship, Kong. Carl later rescues Ann and captures the over grown gorilla and brings him back to New York for examination. There is one thing that Carl and the other crew don’t know though, while captured by King Kong he fell in love with Ann and she shared the same feelings for him. She knew he wasn’t a beast at all but a loving animal that has feelings too. King Kong eventually escapes into the city and becomes a terror. He gets shot down and Ann becomes all depressed as she watches her loving beast die. This is a classic movie of how beauty can indeed fall in love with the beast. They even had a cartoon series back in 1966 called “The King Kong Show” and then again in 2001 with “Kong: The Animated Series” I use to draw the cartoon version of Kong as a kid, now I’m showing other people "how to draw King Kong" with my tutorial. As always the instructions are easy to follow and it has a total of 11 steps. I sketched him out on a notebook about a year ago. I was actually looking threw my old drawings and saw him there, so I said to myself “that would make a good tutorial.” I hope you have fun with this one, it does have some detailing that will take time but King Kong does come out good in the end.