How to Draw a Deer

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Lets start off this step with a medium sized circle. Add guidelines inside the circle so you have some help with the facial features. Draw a large circle for the abdomen and two curved lines attached to it. This will be the basics for the body. Don't   


Now in this step Draw a larger circle for the bottom half of the deer and attach it to the top half. At this point your image should look like a llama. Don't forget to draw the eyes too.


Next, start sketching out the shapes fro the back legs by drawing a simple line starting from the middle of the larger circle down to the end of the sheet. Move to the front two legs, your not going to see the top part of the deers leg in back so jus   


Now here is were we do a little detailing in the neck, underbelly and tail. Sketch out more of the deers face like the shape of the skull and define the nose a bit more. Draw his tail that is just a long bushy letter u, Also sketch out the lining of    


Lets work on the butt end now. Sketch out the bony hip details on top of the deers lower back, and draw the lining for the hidden hind leg. Sketch the spine that flows down between the two hip bones and put some more definition to the tail. Put some    


Finally, finish off this step by sketching out the antlers. Notice how they are uniform, well this is a buck obviously and he was blessed with a good set of antlers. Shape them out nicely I believe this is a four point deer. I'm not sure but I think    


Your done. Isn't he gorgeous. Very handsome looking fella, if I were a doe I'd date him. Now you can color him in or leave him naked. It's up to you.

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January 17, 2008

Description: White-tailed deer is a species that can be found in the United States to as far as Peru. This animal is as graceful as they come. When I look at this animal all I see is a peaceful creature just looking to be left alone in the wilderness. Today I have decided that I am going to show you "how to draw a deer". Their coat changes color to adjust to the passing seasons. In the spring through summer months, they have a reddish- brown coat, and in the fall to winter season it changes to a grayish brown color. A buck which is a male typically weighs in at around 225 pounds, but you can also find some rare bucks that weigh as high as 350 pounds. The doe which is a female weigh as little as 90lbs and up to a whopping 175lbs. When do the males get their antlers you ask? Well, their antlers start protruding through the skin around a year old and are covered in a tissue known as velvet. The first introduction to gaming the white-tailed deer started back in 1884 in the Czech Republic. The hunt for deer continues to grow strong in the United States. It is so strong that they have a hunting channel that show men shooting down this peaceful creature with either a bow or a riffle. I mean I wouldn’t mind it if they were like starving but come on, if they have enough money to afford all those fancy weapons then they don’t need to be killing animals for a sport, especially a big animal like a deer. But whatever humans are gonna do what they want regardless right. In this tutorial I give real easy instructions to show you "how to draw a deer". It has 6 steps and looks good too. I used a picture from my National Geographic magazine. It came out looking like a cartoon but that's okay. I used Photoshop to place the trees in the background. The sketch was a project that took me 2 ½ hours. I think I did a good job, I like it. Have fun boys and girls. Learning some fun facts about the deer can be helpful before you begin to draw.

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