How to Draw a Skull

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Okay lets start off this first step with a circle shape which is going to be the base of the skull. You will also need to draw in facial guidelines as well so you can draw in the eyes and jaw evenly.


Now what you do is draw the eye sockets and make sure that they are evenly apart from each other, after all you don't want to be cross eyed. After your done with that draw the skeletal shape nose, and add some crease lines just under the eyes for add   


Now what your going to do here, is sketch the cheek bones on the skull, as well as the upper jaw outline and shape. You will also need to draw in the grooves for each tooth which will be filled in later.


Now is the time that you will thicken the lining for the head as well as draw it out with more definition. Next, fill in those grooves with a set of skeletal teeth and don't forget to add some detailing to the top of the skulls head bone.


Now that the skull is all drawn in, you will now begin drawing in the bones. There is a total of two bones but you will only be drawing one of them out here. The bone should be drawing in on a diagonal position. This is because the bones are going to   


Here it is, the grand finale. All you need to do is obviously draw in the other bone. As I said in the previous step, they are crossing on one another so be sure to draw this last bone in to form an "X". Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in st   


Look how awesome the finished drawing looks when you are all done. Now you can add some cool detailing like cracks in the bones, or even a bullet hole in the head. Whatever you want to add is all up to you. Thanks for joining me with this tutorial on   

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March 17, 2011

Description: Skull & Crossbones, this is something that I have seen more and more over the past year. The reason for this particular symbol becoming so popular was beyond me. I decided to go ahead and see what the whole fuss was about and to see if there was a meaning to the whole skull and bones thing. Other then being used on signs of warning and danger now a days, it was also used on the Jolly Roger, which is a flag design from European and American pirates. Another interesting fact about the skull and crossbones symbol is that for many centuries now, the symbol is used as markers for the entrances of Spanish cemeteries; it gave the feeling and presence of being surrounded by death. Today I see more of this symbol as tattoos than I do on poisonous bottles. I really don’t care what people do with this symbol, as long as it doesn’t effect me in anyway. The tutorial is very easy with nine steps. I had a lot of fun with this one, it’s kinda bloody but it’s all in fun. The best part about this sketch is it only takes like thirty minutes, so learning "how to draw a skull" should be a breeze. I mean the instructions are laid out for you in a step by step form. You don’t have to draw everything I did but I think it looks cool, but whatever it’s your party right. Well gotta go and sketch some more… Tomorrow that is. Peace people. Here's another easy step by step lesson that I think you might enjoy, especially if you love Halloween, how to draw Jack Skellington. Have fun today, and everyday when it comes to drawing all the things you love in the world!

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