How to Draw a Pony for Kids

Artist: Dawn / July 27, 2011

Step 1.

Lets start drawing out this pony. Make a circle for the head and then draw another odd shape for the body of the pony. You will need to draw the one face guide and then move along to step two.

Step 2.

Draw out the shape of the pony's head and the structure of the face. The snout should slop up and then come back in to form the open mouth. Draw in the chin or jawline, and then draw out the ear and some of the neck.

Step 3.

Using the face guide draw out the large circle shaped eye, and then draw in the eyeball. Add some lashes and then an eyebrow, nose nostril, and mouth.

Step 4.

Draw the nicely shaped crowned looking mane and then curl up the end of the mane like so and draw out a hint of an ear. Add lines for the mane for some detail, and move to step five.

Step 5.

Draw out the back of the pony's body, and then draw in the chest, front leg which is bent a bit, and then draw the belly or at least some of it.

Step 6.

Finish drawing out the pony's body and this includes the hind legs, hooves, and the other front leg. That's if for this step.

Step 7.

Okay, you are almost done guys with drawing a pony for kids. As you can see the only thing you need to do is draw out the nicely shaped tail and be sure the end is straight.

Step 8.

Draw a detailing line in the tail, and then add the lines for each hoof. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one and then that's it.

Step 9.

Here is what the drawing of the cute little pony looks like when you are all done. Grab your coloring tools, and begin having even more fun as you add some color to your new drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 27, 2011
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Description: Boy, the requests for more animals for kids just keep coming in like crazy. I’m going to add another animal to the 'For Kids' section and today it will be on a member of the horse family. It is always fun drawing horses, but it’s even more fun when you "draw a pony for kids" because they are small versions of the horse. A smaller version means smaller parts of the body to draw, and that translates into an easier way to create a new animal. I know I could have chosen a different drawing style for this pony, but for some reason I just love the way the ponies from My Little Pony look. I went ahead and incorporated that technique and made a version of a pony that you see here. I promise that when you tackle this tutorial on "how to draw a pony for kids", you will be finished in about ten minutes of maybe even five depending on how well you draw. I drew a background that is very fun looking, and as you can see this pony is having a blast splashing in the water during these hot summer days. You can be as creative as you want when drawing a background of your own, or you can just go with the flow and do what I did here. Either way you are sure to have fun.