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Artist: Dawn / November 12, 2011

Step 1.

Draw in a big plus sign for the beginning step and then move to number two.

Step 2.

Before you start drawing out the marks that will eventually spell a word, I'd like to say that a black Sharpie would work great when drawing kanji. You can choose the marker color but I suggest black because remember, you are drawing over guide lines   

Step 3.

Begin sketching out the middle section of this glyph. Make the marks the same way you see them here, and then clean up the marks as good as you can get it without erasing the actual draw line.

Step 4.

Next, draw in a small heart shape in the center of the word, and then draw out another horizontal mark with a slope like so. You will then draw in a small mark on the left side in the shape of a seed.

Step 5.

This is the last drawing step guys, all you need to do is draw in the legs of the kanji word. The best way to tackle this step, is to make quick dashes or marks in the form they are in. When you feel comfortable with the marks, clean up the drawing a   

Step 6.

This is what the final product looks like when everything is cleaned up and you have inked in the spaces or marks. You can personalize this kanji or love by adding some scuff marks or even hearts in a bubbly fashion. Great work everyone and join me a   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 12, 2011
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Description: I think I’m going to upload some cool stuff before I get to the easy things. Here I will be submitting a tutorial on something I never made or drew before as a lesson. Here you will be learning "how to draw kanji", step by step. The word I chose to make in this writing form is the word ‘LOVE’. What is kanji exactly? Well from what I understand and this is coming from the mouth of my brother, kanji is a Japanese writing system that was brought over to Japan from Chinese articles that where imported from China. Before kanji was implemented with Japanese culture, there was no written form of the Japanese language. Over the years after kanji had been the main form of writing, another logogram started to be used called kanbun. Now, kanbun was a combination of Chinese text mixed with diacritical strokes which enabled the Japanese to read Chinese sentences in their own way or form. I for one would never understand how to read such interesting text written in the format of the Chinese and Japanese language. Instead I taught myself how to draw the words and so today you too will learn the ins and outs to making kanji love too. I hope you have fun, remember to rate, comment, and fav any or all of the lessons you come across as you spend your days on