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How to Draw All-Seeing Eye, All Seeing Eye

Artist: Dawn / November 12, 2011
How to Draw All-Seeing Eye, All Seeing Eye

Step 1.

Draw a long vertical line like so, and then make a horizontal line a little lower to the bottom.

Step 2.

Right in the middle of the guide lines you drew in step one, draw the shape of a simple shaped eye. The lines should be thick and dark.

Step 3.

Draw and color in the eye ball or pupil like so, and then draw in a single detailing line that curls at the tip.

Step 4.

Draw a large triangle behind the eye like so, and then color in the two pieces. You can erase the guidelines that are visible to finish off this lesson.

Step 5.

Here is the line art and as you can see this is a very bold and simple detailed drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 12, 2011
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Tags: draw eyes
Description: Here is a drawing of a symbol that I wanted to quickly draw because someone asked if I could make a lesson on "how to draw all Seeing Eye", step by step. This eye symbol looks very similar to the eye of Ra. If you think you may have seen this eye before, you're right. The All Seeing Eye is seen on the backs of United States money, as well as some coins. I really love the way I colored in the background behind the eye and to me it looks very retro. Anyways, I think you will enjoy this tutorial on drawing the all Seeing Eye. I will be back tomorrow guys with more drawing fun so come back around to see whatโ€™s new in town. Adios mi amigos!