How to Draw Joshua Balz, Josh Balz From Motionless in White

Artist: Dawn / August 8, 2012

Step 1.

Begin with a simple circle then add the facial guideline like so.

Step 2.

Because we're drawing Josh at a downward angle, we have to draw the facials pointing 'downward' which means that facials seem to be closer to the chin. The chin and outline of the face become shortened and compact. The eyes are also larger, with the    

Step 3.

Sketch out the structure of Josh's face the way you see it here, and since he is going to be looking up from a downward stare, the bottom of the face should be drawn to look narrow.

Step 4.

Next, use the facial guide to draw out the very dark, thick lining for his eyes. There should be points on the inner parts of the eyes, as well as a catty swoop at the ends or corners too.

Step 5.

Start sketching out his eyebrows very slowly so you end up with a realistic look to the brows. When that is done draw in the actual eyeballs, color in the pupils, then sketch in some of his hair which will be scattered a but under the hoodie.

Step 6.

Slowly start sketching out the shape of his nose like so, then draw in his mouth or lips the way you see it done here. Notice that there is plenty of definition around the lips. This is very important to get his expression just right on paper. Draw    

Step 7.

Draw in the bang strands that hang right in the center of his forehead. They should be long enough till the longest piece is right between his eyes. Add detailing then proceed onto step eight.

Step 8.

Whenever I draw hair, I draw the outlines really thick and then use thinner, closer lines for the inner detailing. This will avoid the eye from becoming distracted and confused if you use excessive boldness of lines throughout your drawing.

Step 9.

You are almost done. Draw out the hood from the hoodie that he is wearing of hiding behind. You will also need to draw out the shape of his neck, as well as the base of the collar for the sweater.

Step 10.

What looks like earrings are actually his ears with a very big gauge plug in is lobes. Draw out the ears, then finish the sweater or hoodie by drawing the right shoulder, as well as the trimming around the rim of the hood. Erase the mistakes before l   

Step 11.

Here is Joshua Balz when you're finished. Color him in if you want, or leave the drawing as a sketch. I have some neat coloring tips below if you want to stick around for those.

Step 12.

Lighten up the face.

Step 13.

Then add a nice warm glow contrast.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: So here is the tutorial that I told you I would upload. It's the keyboardist from the band Motionless in White, and his name is Josh Balz. Unfortunately like many members of these types of bands, there is virtually no information on Joshua Balz that I can find whatsoever. All I know is that he plays the keyboards/piano for MIW, he uses a Roland Fantom G6 as well as a Peavey Keyboard amp. He was born September 10th but I'm not sure of the year. I think the year of his birth is either 1990 or 1989. Of course I'm basing the year on his age of twenty two. I think I read somewhere that he is also a tattoo artist, but I could be wrong. He has piercings above his top lip on each side of his mouth. He is said to be a lady killer because so many girls just love Joshua Balz. Anyways, this lesson was pretty fun to create because Josh has a real pleasant looking face to draw. So I'm sure that you will enjoy drawing Joshua Blaz, step by step from Motionless in White. I will be back tomorrow with some more drawing fun so be sure to come back to see what will be added new to P.S., did you guys realize that there is now over 7,000 tuts on the site...yay! Thank you to all that have contributed to Dragoart, and be sure that you keep up all the excellent work!