How to Draw Johnny Test

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Start this first step with a large circle for Johnny Test's head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw a long line for the neck and draw the torso connecting to it. After that is done you can then draw out all the guidelines and shapes for th   


Now what you will do here is start drawing in Johnny's spiky hair style. Next draw out the shape of his face and jaw and then make two good sized circles for his eyes. Add the small nose and then shape out his neck. Next give him a collar and sleeves   


Next draw out the detailing on the tips of his spiky hair and give him a hair line as well. Next add his straight arched in eyebrows and then some pupils. Now you will draw his ears and detail the insides as well as draw out the lines on the sides of   


In this last step you will detail the last pieces of his hair to the left and draw the radioactive symbol on his shirt. Lace up his sneakers and detail his watch and pants a bit more. Now you are ready to erase all the guidelines and shapes that you    


When you have reached this step you just finished your very own Johnny Test drawing. All you have to do now is color him in. I hope you had with this tutorial on how to draw Johnny Test step by step. I will be back with one more tutorial in a while u   

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August 25, 2008

Description: Okay in this next easy tutorial for the day I want to submit a character that is fun, colorful, has a talking dog, and is very colorful. So, lets start by showing you guys "how to draw Johnny Test" who is a character from an animated show that is aired on Cartoon Network. Johnny Test is an 11 year old boy that has the imagination of 20 kids his age. Johnny is what you call a very lucky boy because he has two sisters that have genius IQ’s. His two twin sisters Susan and Mary often use their brother Johnny as a test subject or guinea pig with their ultimate inventions. Johnny almost always finds himself in trouble when he meddles with his sisters inventions with out them knowing. The only way to get Johnny out of trouble is by having Susan and Mary brainstorm the current situation. I guess you can call him an idiot as well for even messing with scientific stuff that he has no clue on what they are. This hyperactive kid is not alone on his quest; he is joined by his trusted K-9 friend Dukey who he adopted a few years back. His sisters changed Dukey into a talking intellectual dog that can not only be there for Johnny but talk him through his problems as well. Johnny also has an “alter ego” as well. He calls himself Johnny X who is a crime fighting 11 year old that is on a mission to stop disasters and whatever else comes his way. Now when Johnny becomes “Johnny X” he obtains the power of Hurricane Hands (which is speeding wind that omits from his hands), Shape Shifting (this allows him to become a chameleon), Power Poots (which is a fart blast in the form of a fireball that comes out of his butt) Fire Body (this gives him the ability to set himself on fire), Sensing (which enables him to see what criminals are doing) and finally Teleportation (this ability allows Johnny to teleport to any location he desires). Johnny can be described as being a fun adventurous kid. His appearance is very recognizable because he has blonde hair with fiery red spiked tips. He also wears a black t-shirt with the radiation hazard symbol on the front that is overlapped by a blue button up shirt, a pair of camouflage green pants and black sneakers. I know you will have fun with this tutorial because it is so easy and fun. You will learn how to draw Johnny Test in no time at all because the steps are super simple. This tutorial is set at a novice pace so basically anyone can tackle this drawing with no problems at all. I will be back with another tutorial for you all, so stick around and see what’s next.

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