How to Draw Gwen

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in this step we will prepare the basic structure or frame for our character. This is really important when you begin to make a character. This helps you proportion the body and the face. Without a basic body frame, you will end up with slop. in this    


In this step we will start to shape up the face and body. For the hips, just pretend your making a tea cup thats upside down. For the stomach, pretend you are drawing a river that rides into the cup shaped hips. After you have done that we will make    


Ok, for this step we will progress by drawing the essentials to the face. This includes the eyes, the lips, nose and large strands of hair that overlap Gwen's forehead. We will also provide the design on her clothing. Make sure you make the lining fo   


You will next start detailing her hair some more and then draw in her eyebrows. Now draw out the small lining for her chest and breast as seen here. You will now draw in the detailing on her skirt and then draw out her sloped looking legs and feet. S   


This is your last drawing step and all you will do is draw out her pupils and then detail her socks. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and then you can move onto the next step where you will be ready to color your Gwen in.


This is what she should look like when you are totally done. All you have to do now is color her in and place Gwen next to Duncan so they can chill out together. You just completed this tutorial on how to draw Gwen from Total Drama Island.

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September 24, 2008

Description: Hello DragoArt members and visitors! Today we will be going on an adventure. We will be learning "how to draw Gwen" from the Cartoon Network series Total Drama Island step by step. I already did the tutorial on the Goth kid Duncan. I remember I told you that I met a kid in my school named Duncan. Well today I’ll talk about how I had a lot of Goth friends before I started this site. I am Goth myself but I don’t worship Satan or anything like that. I dress the way I like, not dress the way I feel. A lot of people take my style the wrong way. They would look at me as a sad, depressed, helpless, and evil girl. I’m not anything I just mentioned. I am a happy and caring kid with a wicked awesome family. I used to have a lot of friends that complained for stupid reasons. They were poser Goths. This means that they dress and act just to fit in. I hate being around those kinda people. Anyways, enough with the in depth looks about my life. I like drawing a lot of Gothic things so today I happened to be interested in drawing Gwen. She’s pretty cool and I think I relate to her a lot. She draws a lot, cares for her family, eats a Twinkie or two, hates being around people, and is Goth. I also wanted to show you kids how to draw this awesome character. Of course most of you have watched the cartoon network series Total Drama Island. I only watch it for the two Goth kids Gwen and Duncan. They’re both awesome. Well I hope you guys and girls will enjoy this tutorial. I made it easy as possible for you to handle. Good luck and have fun learning how to draw Gwen from Total Drama Island.

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