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how to draw jack skelington

Artist: cheetahkittem221 / December 14, 2017
how to draw jack skelington

Step 1.

for the first step, you just have to draw a circle for jack's face. try to keep it as circular as possible, but it is fine if it is not perfect, because nothing ever is perfect.

Step 2.

this is an optional step, but if you do not feel comfortable doing this without a graph, you can draw one. just remember, he is looking straight in this photo, so make sure your graph has him doing such.

Step 3.

in this step, you have to draw his facial expressions. all you have to do is draw his eyes, which are just circles, his mouth and his nostrils. to draw his mouth, just draw a curved up line and then put in all the lines on his mouth. you also have    

Step 4.

next, you have to make his bowtie. to do this, you have to draw a triangular shape under his neck, then add three lines going off of it. you also need to add to more triangles above the first triangle to give it ears, then make two circles inside o   

Step 5.

we are almost done with this. the last thing before outlining that we need to do is that we need to connect the lines that we drew of the bat head like thing of the bowtie to make them look like batwings. after this, you can outline and color your    

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Artist: cheetahkittem221
Date Added: December 14, 2017
Steps: 5
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Description: this drawing is super easy and takes less then 5 minutes. for this simple drawing, you won't even need to graph out the face.