How to Draw Ichigo and Rukia


Like always begin with two head guides. Make sure they are attached.


Draw out the outlining for Rukia's face and head.


Continue to work on Rukia's hairstyle which is short and pointed.


Next, draw the shoulders and some of the chest. When that is done you can draw Rukia's closed eye and then some of the marks on her cheek.


Up next, work on drawing Ichigo's face from the side. This includes the closed eye and eyebrow.


As you know Ichigo has short hair. His hair is spiky so you will have to draw the bangs and the sides of his hair pointed and close together.


Finish drawing Ichigo's head/hairstyle then draw the back part of his neck followed by some of his back.


Lastly, draw the neck as well as his shoulder, clothing and definition on the neck and clothes. Add that last minute blush mark on his cheek. Erase the mistakes and guides.


The line art is all done and this is what it should look like. Color them in and show off your drawing.

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March 10, 2017

Description: I hope all you Bleach fans are ready for a lesson on a very popular couple from the anime/manga. Up next we will work on learning "how to draw Ichigo and Rukia", step by step. For this couple I wanted them to actually be in embraced in a lovers kiss because they have a bond that has always been kind of present. Ichigo is one of the characters from Bleach that I have always liked. He is super cool and I love his transformation. Drawing these two Bleach figures took me back to when I was fifteen years old. I was a big time fan and I guess I still am even if I don't watch or follow the series anymore. Enjoy drawing Rukia and Ichigo.

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