How to Draw Grimmjow Pantera

Artist: Dawn / April 17, 2017

Step 1.

You can start with drawing the head guide, then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Up next, sketch out the structure of Grimmjow's face shape like so.

Step 3.

Begin drawing the hair in stringy, thick chunk like strands. His forehead has some sort of bandanna on so when you draw the hair it should look like it's spurting up.

Step 4.

Now you can draw the bandanna and when you do this make sure that there are notches at the sides of the bandanna.

Step 5.

Using the facial guidelines begin drawing the shapes of Grimmjow's eyes. Take your time and be sure to make the lining a little thicker at the ends.

Step 6.

Continue to work on Grimmjow's eyes by adding detailing around the entire shape. Also draw in the nose and then add the wings.

Step 7.

Draw in a great big smile which is menacing.

Step 8.

Next, fill in the mouth with some teeth that are more whole looking then individual sections. Add some sideburns and a indent for a bottom lip.

Step 9.

Next, draw the large ears which are like a panther. Add detailing inside the ear and some hair or fuzz.

Step 10.

Continue to work on Grimmjow's hairstyle which is long and combed back.

Step 11.

Sketch in the neck shape, then draw the thick collar for the jacket that he is wearing. Add detailing to the neck, and you are done.

Step 12.

For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the shoulders, and then add some detailing to the jacket. Erase your mistakes and guides.

Step 13.

Here is the line art and now you can color it in. I hope you liked drawing Grimmjow Pantera, I know you did an awesome job.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 17, 2017
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Description: Back in the day when I was into Bleach this guy was my ultimate favorite. In fact I didn't know who I liked more, Ichigo or Grimmjow. Back when I was in love with Bleach, I never made a lesson on how to draw Grimmjow Pantera, which is his resurrection form. I gotta say, of the few forms he has, this is probably the coolest, or at least that's my opinion. His blue hair, headband, and panther like ears makes his appearance even more awesome. I don't know how weird it's gonna sound, but for an anime/manga character, Grimmjow is a good looking animated figure. Anyways have fun with drawing Grimmjow Pantera and I will be back in a bit with more fun for you all.