How to Draw Hollow Ichigo

Artist: Dawn / January 17, 2018

Step 1.

You will begin with an egg style shape for the head.

Step 2.

Next, begin sketching out the actual structure for Hollow Ichigo's head like so, and be sure to include the grooves for where the teeth will go.

Step 3.

Next, draw in the large rounded teeth like so. They should also be sort of long.

Step 4.

Next, draw the long, semi open eye like so and add some shading around the eye.

Step 5.

Now you will draw the actual jaw which is screaming open. The bottom part of the jaw looks short and square.

Step 6.

Next, draw in the bottom row of teeth which should also look like the top row of teeth.

Step 7.

As you can see Ichigo's face is showing just a bit on the side. Sketch out the lining to form the cheek, then draw in the ear lobe and then his crazy looking short hair.

Step 8.

Sketch out his neck, then draw the shirt line which is also part of his torso. Once you are done with this step you can proceed to step nine which is your last drawing step.

Step 9.

For the last drawing step you will first erase the mistakes along with the guidelines. When that is complete you can draw in each shard that is ripping through from behind Ichigo.

Step 10.

That's it, you can color him in and show off what you just did to family and friends. Great work people.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: After I had uploaded those tuts on some Naruto characters, I was asked if I could make some updated lessons on some Bleach characters. How could I possible say no to that when I used to be an incredibly devoted fan of the Bleach series. Today I have a few tuts coming your way on some of my favorite members of the Espada. Here is how to draw Hollow Ichigo, step by step. I have never done a version of Ichigo in this style before but I can tell you that the drawing came out wicked cool. Ichigo was one of my favorite figures from Bleach as he was to a lot of people as well. To me Ichigo's hollow form looks like nothing more then an open mouth. Of course the eyes are on top of his head, but that makes his Hollow form even cooler. Drawing Hollow Ichigo will be fun and exciting so stick around to see who I will upload next. Peace out people.