How to Draw Haruhi Suzumiya

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Let's draw a nice mannequin like frame for your manga character. Draw a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the guidelines for her torso, and draw the outlined shape for her skirt. Once that is done draw the legs and fee   


Sketch out the shape of her pretty face and then draw in the first lining for her bangs. Once that is done you can draw in the shapes of her eyes and mouth using the facial guidelines you drew in step one.


Continue to sketch out Haruhi's hair style until it is complete. You will then draw her tied ribbon in her hair, and then thicken the lining for her eyes. Lastly, start sketching out the shapes of her arms like you see here.


What we will be doing here is sketching out the rest of the shape of her arms and or sleeves. Next draw her shirt and then draw the strips that make up her sailor like collar. Draw a tied bow at the point of her shirt design and draw her hands as you   


Now you will sketch in the crease, fold, and ruffle detailing on her skirt. Once that is done start drawing in the shape of her legs starting with her thighs.


This is your last drawing step. Finish sketching out her legs and draw a sock line just under the knee. Draw her cute shoes and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here she is, Haruhi. You have finished this tutorial on "How to draw Haruhi Suzumiya step by step". Color her in and you have just drew another manga character.

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October 23, 2009

Description: I am now about to fill a request on a character that a member really wanted. I haven’t uploaded any lessons on manga characters lately, so I thought that this was the perfect time to fill a request, and submit a manga drawing all in one. I will show you “how to draw Haruhi Suzumiya step by step”. I will be honest with you, I didn’t know too much about this character, so I had to do a little research on her. First off she is a character from a series of novels titled “Haruhi Suzumiya”. The story is about a high school girl that has a unique ability. She can change the state of reality without even thinking about it. She is also responsible for the formation of a school club named the SOS Brigade. She formed this school club so that she and her fellow members can investigate strange happenings that mysteriously arise. From what I understand, there is only a handful of characters that make up the book series. There is Haruhi Suzumiya who is the main character, Kyon who is a student, as well as the book series narrator. Then there is Yuki Nagato who is a bibliophile humanoid, there is Mikuru Asahina the time traveler, and finally there is Itsuki Koizumi the esper. From the information I have read so far, this book series seems like an interesting read. I just mike even familiarize myself a bit more. Anyways, I love the way she came out. Haruhi is so pretty looking, and I love how the designer created her. I did have fun with her because she is so pretty. I hope that you have fun with this lesson on “how to draw Haruhi Suzumiya step by step”. That is all the lessons I have for you today, I will have more tutorials for you guys tomorrow. Peace peeps, have fun with the rest of your day and or night.

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