How to Draw Harambe, Harambe Kong

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For step one just draw the guidelines and shapes.


Next, use the guides to draw in his face structure but not the face like eyes yet.


We will finish the entire drawing by finishing the face and drawing the body. Take your time, it won't be hard.


FInally draw the bars and window frame. Erase the mistakes and guidelines too.


This is the lineart when you are all done. Now you can color in the drawing of Harambe and hang it up to show your support for him.

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November 30, 2007

Description: Hello everyone. This is my first ever tutorial and it is going to be on how to draw Harambe, step by step. I was inspired to make this drawing because of the gorilla from the zoo who was killed because it attacked a small boy. Now granted I know I would have been okay with that descision IF the gorilla pulled the boy in from the bar openings, but it didn't. Instead, the boy fell into the enclosure and Harambe grabbed the boy. I think murdering Harambe was wrong because he didn't do anything wrong. The gorilla didn't intentionally go after the child, and they punish him for being a wild animal the way it would act if some strange being came into his habitat in the wild. Anyways, I hope you like this drawing lesson, if you support Harambe and believe what happened to him was wrong, leave a comment "TEAM HARAMBE" and share this lesson so other people who feel the same way can enjoy a simple tutorial on their beloved gorilla. Okay, bye folks and remember to comment and share.

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