How to Draw Hands

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This is really not a drawing step at all it is more like a drawn description on what a correctly drawn finger should look like and what an incorrectly drawn finger looks like. This is a helpful step to show how a human finger should look when drawn r   


This is your actual first step and as you can see you have a choice between four different hand poses to learn from, or you can choose to draw them all in one shot. Start by sketching out the outlined shape of the palm of the hand on all four aspects   


Here you will carefully sketch out the actual shape of the hand or hands you chose to draw. The hand with the palm right side up, you will need to sketch in the detailing crease lines that all palms have. Once that is done you can then draw the creas   


This is your last drawing step and although it may have seemed to breeze by, I'm sure learning from the lesson took you more than ten minutes. You will finish off all four hands by adding the rest of the details and definition on the hands. This incl   


When you are done your hands or hand should come out looking like the ones you see here. Now you know "how to draw hands" to use on your characters you draw in the future. Hope you had fun guys, see you next time.

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November 20, 2009

Description: Now that I have two veggies uploaded, and a lesson on a kimono, I think it is time that I show you "how to draw hands step by step". There is a bunch of tutorials that I submitted over time that teaches you to "draw hands" whether it be anime style, chibi style, or cartoon style. I do however have a tutorial on how to draw a hand, and that comes in pretty helpful for people that want to master this skill. For me drawing hands took a long while to get right and I think it's because hands are so detailed and defined. The art of mastering hands can take time, but that also means in order to get to a level that enables you to draw hands semi accurately, you need to practice as much as possible. A good way to add some practice to your hand drawing skills, is to include arms on your character drawings. As you know at the bottom of every arm is a hand right? Well, if you draw arms on all your characters, you also have to draw their hands too. Another big part of hand drawing is getting the fingers drawn right. In a lot of my drawings you will often see the fingers look deformed, or the finger nails are drawn too short, or just not right at all. If I am submitting this lesson that shows you "how to draw hands step by step", that means I feel confident enough in my hand drawing skills, to show someone else how to do it too. There is four different poses that I will include in this tutorial including a skeletal version of the human hand. The last thing that I have included with this submission, is a sketch on finger drawing. Either way I think those of you that actually try out this tutorial, you will benefit from it because you will most definitely learn something new. Remember to take your time, and also keep in mind that drawing accurately takes a lot of time and patience. If you follow those essential rules, you will be drawing better in no time at all. Well I gotta get outta here once again folks but I will also be back. Have fun with this hand and finger tutorial, and join me next time with more drawing fun!

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