How to Draw Gracie from Animal Crossing

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Make the shape for her head and body, then connect the two with the long neck line. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Here you will begin drawing out the shape of Gracie's face. Once that is done draw the two lemon shaped circles on top of her head for her glasses that she wears.


In this step you will completly draw out Gracie's face. Start with drawing the ears, then draw the small horns. Next, draw in her eyes, nose and nostrils followed by her bang and frame lining for her glasses.


Let's get started with drawing her body. All you have to do is make the shape of her long neck, then draw the shape of the torso and or belly. Add the arms and then make the tail ends of her scarf.


Finish drawing the body by adding the legs and feet. Notice that the feet or hooves are in the shape of boots or shoes. Draw in the tail and the tuft of hair at the end of her tail.


Lastly, we will draw in Gracie's spots on her neck, then draw in the lining to create her shirt or clothing. Add detailing on the shirt which is spots. Erase the mistakes and guides.


Here is Gracie from Animal Crossing. Now you have another character from the game that is added to your sketch book. Have fun coloring her in.

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May 31, 2013

Description: Okay enough with the lessons on Bravest Warriors and let's move forward to moving on to some other popular game characters from Animal Crossing. More and more people are giving me requests to make lessons on specific characters from the game. To start I will show you "how to draw Gracie", step by step. Gracie is a giraffe that has a lot of attitude, style and grace. She likes to stroll by villages that are underdeveloped because it is there that she can hand out some fashion savoy sense when it comes to clothing or furniture. Behind the scenes she is also a very assertive gal that knows how some folks talk about her. She doesn't let negativity stand in the way of how she lives life. Drawing Gracie from Animal Crossing will be a very colorful task. You will end up with a stylish giraffe that is ready to take on the world. Have fun and remember to keep those requests rolling in.

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