How to Draw Animal Crossing, Tom Nook


Make two shapes, one for the head and the other for Tom's body. Sketch in the facial and body guides.


Draw the shape of his head, then draw in the shapes of each ear.


Since this is a raccoon dog you will need to draw the mask which will house his face. Draw the ear detailing then you are done for step three.


Now we will use the facial guidelines to draw out the lazy or tired looking eyes. Draw the nose and mustache like fuzz.


You will now draw the arms, torso and shape of the apron in this step, then you can move along when you are done.


Once the body is all drawn out you can draw in the legs or ankles and feet.


Lastly, draw the marking on the belly, then draw the apron, bow, and apple or pepper on the front of the apron. Add the markings on his ankles as well.


That's it you are all done. Color in your character to finish everything off.

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May 30, 2013

Description: Here is just a simple tutorial on drawing Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series. He is a lazy looking tired brown raccoon dog who first appears in 2001. He wears a purple or blue colored towel like wrap around the lower half of his body. The eyes or expression on his face either suggests that he is tired, or a very lazy being. Drawing Tom Nook or this Animal Crossing figure should be easy enough for all to tackle. Have fun and I hope you enjoyed your drawing day.

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