How to Draw Ganondorf


Contrary to how to may perceive this lesson to be, it's quite easy to draw Ganondorf. Start by drawing a head and add the facial lines as you see them here. Next, draw a large torso cavity, and then draw the outlined shape of his long sleeve, and low   


Ganondorf has a very distinct nose. The first thing you will sketch on his face is his very downward slopped nose. Once that is done draw the chin, jawline, and then the squared shape of his mouth. Next draw the side lining for his beard.


You will sketch out the rest of his face shape, and then draw the beard, and hair which is all incorporated together. You will then draw his teeth, and then draw the opening part to his cloak like coat which will expose his very round torso frame.


Sketch out the collar, and then draw the long, wide sleeve that almost looks like a dress for a petite person. Next sketch the other jacket side like you see here and then move to the next step.


You will now start drawing the unique design patterns that are on Ganondorf's clothes. The jacket has a trim, and then designs are almost dark, and sinister. Add an eyeball, and then draw an ear, and the small crown he is wearing on his head.


Draw the sash that he is wearing around his waist, and then draw the other sleeve you see to the right. Once that is done you can sketch out some more of the designing on the left side of his hip.


Sketch out the amulet that he is wearing around his neck that rests on his chest, and then draw more designing on his sash. Draw some crease and fold lines, and then move to the last drawing step. You want to make sure that Ganon's clothes look form    


For the last drawing step, all you need to do is draw out the bottom of his clothing, and be sure to draw in a crease and a fold. Draw the feet and or shoes, and then you can start erasing all the lines and shapes to prepare your drawing for color.


You are now done with this tutorial, and because you are you can go ahead and color him in. I hope you had fun with this unique lesson on "how to draw Ganondorf, step by step.

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April 6, 2010

Description: I have searched long and hard for a drawing tutorial on a specific character from the Zelda game series created by Nintendo. Now, there is countless lessons on Princess Zelda, Link, and even some of the minor characters. But when it comes to wanting "how to draw Ganondorf, that's an almost impossibility. The reason why I was looking for a tutorial on Ganon, is because my ten year old brother was doing a project on what he did over the Easter weekend. Since all he did was play Wind Waker, he wanted to draw a picture of his favorite villain from any game out there, Ganondorf. Ganon came or comes in many different forms. At times he is thin, muscular, and very aggressive looking, and other times he looks a bit bloated. I chose to draw him in his Wind Waker form which is kind of beefy as in, chunky looking with a very round belly, long upper body, and short lower body. Ganondorf has been the main antagonist in Zelda. I can remember beating him several times in three different games. In 1986, it wasn't Ganondorf that was the bad guy, it was Ganon. He made his first appearance in “The Legend of Zelda”, and since then, he has been written in almost all the Zelda games. He is also known or called “the King of Evil”, and he is also what you would call a terrorist of Hyrule. His motives with each game differ, but he almost is always after the Triforce which is a powerful relic that can make him so powerful, it would be practically impossible to stop him. In most of the game she already has a piece of the Trifroce in his procession which enables him to have super human strength. I guess the fact is, Ganon or Ganondorf is one of the most popular character villains of all time. So much so, he was even named as being the fourth best villain in video game existence. I do hope you guys like this lesson that will show you in full detail, "how to draw Ganondorf", step by step. Like always I will be back with some more drawing fun. I will say peace out to my fellow artists, until I return.

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