How to Draw Wolf Link

Artist: Dawn / December 28, 2008

Step 1.

Start this first step by drawing out the shapes and guidelines to form a mannequin line frame for Wolf Link. First draw out a series of circles one for the head, mid part of the body and butt end of the body. Once that is done you will add the guidel   

Step 2.

Okay now that you have drawn out the framing aspect of Link in wolf form, You will start to sketch in the lines for his spiked fur on top of his head. Next add the triangle shapes for his ears and then the shape of the snout and nose top. After you h   

Step 3.

So you have made it to your third step and all you have to do here is sketch in the fur lining and definition of the Wolf's face. First make a line to detail or define the bridge of his snout, and then sketch out his bottom jaw. You will detail the i   

Step 4.

Now that you have drawn out the main part of Wolf Link you have finally reached your second to last drawing step. What you will do here is sketch out the actual shape of the wolf's raised hair that resemble feathered spikes. Make sure that you are us   

Step 5.

This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is add the remaining detail and definition to the wolf's body. Draw out the shape of the diamond on his forehead and then sketch in the fluffy hair on his cheeks. Give him some teeth and add the s   

Step 6.

This is what your Link wolf should look like when you are done. All you have to do now is color him in and you have just completed this lesson on how to draw Wolf Link from Twilight Princess step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 28, 2008
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Description: Hey everyone welcome back to another fun drawing lesson here on the best “learn how to draw” tutorial site on the web, Today is going to be wicked because I have some sweet drawing lessons for you all that I know you will love no doubt about it. For my first lesson I will be showing you how to draw Wolf Link from Twilight Princess step by step. Now for those of you that have no clue on what I am talking about let me explain. In the game Zelda; Twilight Princess the main character hero (Link) is at some point turned into a wolf when the Twilight Beast captured Link and placed a crystal on his forehead which made him turn into a Wolf. The wolf character that I am about to show you how to draw is so incredibly awesome because he is in his attack stance. Now because I worked super hard on him Wolf Link took me about two hours just to draw out to perfection. Of course I had to use a few reference pictures to make suet that the Wolf came out looking right. Once I was done with the sketch I then scanned the image into Photoshop to prepare for coloring. I really wanted Link to look like he does in the video game because I think that Twilight Princess was one of the best games that was released for the Zelda series. I am placing this tutorial under intermediate but anyone who is a novice or advanced drawer can tackle this lesson at will. I know some of the tutorials I submit may seem hard, but I really do try to make the most detailed and difficult easy for everyone. You have to remember one thing, if you are a novice artist and you want to draw intermediate or advance lessons, you really have to keep at it and not give up so that your work comes out the best you can get it. I will be back with more spic lesson in a bit so stay tuned as I shall return with more drawing fun.