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How To Draw Future AJF Fusions

Artist: Lil_O / August 6, 2009
How To Draw Future AJF Fusions

Step 1.

Start A line going up and create a heart shape then a line then create the toe box

Step 2.

Draw a line to connect the line then a hump and a line back to the bottom of the line

Step 3.

Draw some unstraight line draw a unfinished square with 2 lines in a ring shape from the edges the create the strap then add the circles

Step 4.

finish the rectangle and the make more unstraight lines then a square then a hump over it draw parallel lines on the hump and tongue

Step 5.

Draw like a Liver shape and draw several lines that include on the toe box , parallel to the lower part of the shoe , and and the very bottom and two lines on the very bottom line when make waves with the words AIR inside the first one

Step 6.

add the dots on the toe box and the line connecting the heart shape and outer toe box then make little lines around the heart shape and liver shape with some around the outer toe box

Step 7.

Add the 25 , laces , and the Word Jordon like this J-o-r-d

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Artist: Lil_O
Date Added: August 6, 2009
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Description: Hey its me again The Air Jordon and Air Force 1. The ultimate Collaboration ! A rare opportunity to see these two titans as " Best of Both Worlds" United as one. The Jordon Brand is celebrating Year 23 just as the Air Force 1 is coming off its 25th anniversary. As These Two franchises join forces for the first time. This new visual expression is destined to become the ultimate statement for sneaker aficionados around the world