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How to Draw Frozen Yogurt

Artist: christopher067 / August 14, 2012
How to Draw Frozen Yogurt

Step 1.

First off you want to start with the top swirl. It needs to be curvy and rounded for the best effect.

Step 2.

Next, you will add the next two swirls. Both need to be the same as step 1 but need to come out more. On the third swirl, at the end of the swirl, you want to curve it up just a little for the next side.

Step 3.

Now continue with the next side of the Frozen Yogurt. But for this side, you will go in at the end of the first swirl and out on the second swirl.

Step 4.

Now finish off the other side by making two more swirls that connect to the bottom of the other swirls.

Step 5.

Now the cone. The cone is very easy! All you do is draw the top and connect that with the swirls and then draw from the outside in. And round the bottom.

Step 6.

Now the artsy fartsy stuff! Draw slightly curved lines from top to below center. Do the same on the other side to make them intersect. Then draw semi-curved lines on the bottom below center to the end. But this time no intersecting lines are necessar   

Step 7.

Now you're done! :)

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Artist: christopher067
Date Added: August 14, 2012
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Description: I love Fro-Yo. So I decided to draw it and make a tutorial! Haha. Hope this is easy, helpful, and fun!