How to Draw Eyeless Jack, Eyeless Jack

Artist: Dawn / March 19, 2013

Step 1.

You will draw an oval shape like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the body guide.

Step 2.

Next, sketch out the shape of the face or head like so.

Step 3.

Using the facial guidelines you can draw out the large slightly tilted eyes followed by the ooze that is dripping from the eyes. Add some detailing around the top part of the eyes, then draw a nose indent.

Step 4.

You are now ready to draw out the hood that is covering his head. The strings that come from the hooded sweater needs to be added next.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw the shoulders, arms, and then the torso. When that is done you can add some detailing at the shoulders. Erase the mistakes, then you are done.

Step 6.

Look how creepy Eyeless Jack looks. When you color him in he will look even creepier.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 19, 2013
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Description: So, I bet you’re wondering who the figure is in this picture that is scaring you as you gaze into the empty sockets that should be his eyes. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Eyeless Jack", step by step. There isn't too much to say about Jack except he is a figure that wears a hooded sweater or cloak, and disguises his face with a blue colored mask. The eye holes of the mask have this black ooze dripping from the eyes that runs down the face. Eyeless Jack loves human organs and it is even said that he has his own personal collection of them. I don’t know if he collects them to stare at, or if he just eats them whole. You be the judge. Drawing Eyeless Jack might be frightening, but at least you did it if you do.