How to Draw the Grumpy Cat, Tard the Grumpy Cat

Artist: Dawn / December 10, 2012

Step 1.

Make two circles, one for the head and the other for the body. You will end this step with facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Using the first circle, begin sketching out the odd shape of Tard's head. This lining should have some fluff to the sides where the cheeks are as well as the area where the ears will go.

Step 3.

Since you need to draw a grumpy look on the cats face, you will need to make the facials convey the expression. Draw the eyelids in a long but slightly curved style followed by the shapes of the eyes. Make the nose and frown for a mouth.

Step 4.

Now that some of the face is drawn in, we can add the detailing. Start withe the crinkle between the head above the eyes like so, then sketch in some creases under the eyes. Add some whiskers and whisker holes followed by the definition on his chin.

Step 5.

You will now draw the ears in a slightly downward manner like so.

Step 6.

Begin with drawing the body and as you can see it is bottle shaped. Draw the front legs and front paws too.

Step 7.

You are almost done with this tutorial. All you have to do now is draw the thighs as they separate apart, then draw the back paws. Add some toe lines, then some definition under the front legs or armpits.

Step 8.

Okay, finally just draw the fluffy tail. The ends and edges of the tail should be pointed and sharp. When that is complete you can begin erasing the mistakes.

Step 9.

And here you have it, a finished drawing of Tard the grumpy cat. Color him in to bring this grouch to life.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 10, 2012
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Description: Hey folks, long time no tuts. Luckily I have a few for you guys to have fun with today. To start things off I will be showing you "how to draw Tard the Grumpy Cat", step by step. This cat is actually someone's pet. His name is Tardar and he belongs to a girl named Tabatha Bundesen from Arizona. The reason why this snowshoe cat became popular is because her brother Bryan posted a picture of this grumpy looking cat, and after that, Tard went viral. In forty eight hours Tard the Grumpy Cat already had over one million views. Now today, I will show you how you can easily tackle the task of drawing Tard the grumpy cat with just a few steps. If you like this lesson, leave a comment, fav, or both. Either way you will let others know your thoughts. Peace out people and enjoy drawing another internet meme.