How to Draw Erza

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Erza's outfit in this lesson is pretty simple, a bandage like top, and some really big looking pants. To get started you will need to draw the shape of her head, and then make the guidelines for the face and body like so. Next and lastly, draw the pe   


Draw out the head and then sketch out the lower portion of her face like so. As you can see her face narrows past the cheeks. When that is done sketch in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Draw out the arms and hands like you see here and then move to the ne   


Finish drawing out her left arm and hand which is in a fist pose, and then the same arm lining should be drawn to make the chest, breast, and waist. Draw the back and then draw the flared lines for the legs which will be drawn in better detail.


Finish sketching out the legs which are also her pants. Be sure to add the crease, fold, and cuff lining for added detailing. Draw the front zipper line and then draw the waist band that is snug around her hips like so. Once that is done you will nee   


Look at that, you are almost done with this lesson on how to draw Erza. What you need to do now is draw out the big ponytail which is standing erect on the top of her head. When that is all done you can continue to draw the sword handles and hand gua   


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out her bandage wrapped top like you see here, and then draw some bandages around her waist which turns into a cross in the middle. Add some detailing to the swords handles and hand guards, and the   


Once you erase your lines and shapes you should have an awesome looking character like you see here. Now you can color her in and add this character drawing with her other friends and team mates from Team Natsu.

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January 29, 2017

Description: Okay guys I’m going to end the tutorial night by submitting another character from the very popular anime series Fairy Tail. Along with Natsu, Happy, Lucy, and Gray Fullbuster, she too is a member of Team Natsu. Among the female figures from Fairy Tail, I would have to say that Erza is the prettiest. I love her long red colored hair and how she always has something different to wear. If you follow the series you should know that Erza has a wide variety of clothes that ranges from swim suits to pajamas. Her full name is Ezra Scarlet and she is an S-Class mage that comes from a magic guild that is amongst the strongest around. The guild is located in the Kingdom of Fior and according to others, she is said to be the strongest woman that lives in Fairy Tail. She almost reminds me of Joan of Arc sometimes because of her hair and how she is a skilled swordsman. Even though Erza looks very different from Lucy, they both have one thing in common, large breasts. Erza just knows how to wear clothing to conceal her body a little better than Lucy can. Lucy wears a tight fitting top that almost always hugs her bosom. I love the fact that even though Erza has a pretty face and a good sense of style, she is still a very strong, dominate woman that has a strong mind, and feminine personality. Did you know that her right eye isn’t even real? It’s true; Erza has a fake right that was made by Porlyusica. She is an old lady known for her healing abilities. Anyways I love the way that she came out and if you are a fan of Fairy Tail you will enjoy this lesson that teaches you "how to draw Erza", step by step. I will be back tomorrow and with me I will bring more drawing fun.

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