How to Draw Dr Seuss

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Draw a round shape for the head and attach the neck guideline. You will then attach the neck to the torso line and then add the lining for the long arms. Lastly, draw an egg shape for the lower end of the body and then draw the legs and outline of th   


Here you will sketch out the cat like head and then add the whisker lines, and ears. When that is done draw a smiling mouth and then add a bot more detail and definition to the head and face.


Since this is a cat, the lining is supposed to look like hair. Sketch out the arm, and then the gloved hand, and then draw the actual shape of the hat and add the lines. Lastly, draw the oversized bow that this sly looking cat is wearing.


Draw the other arm, as well as the other hand that is resting on his right hip. When that is done you can sketch out the torso, and belly as you see here and then start sketching out the legs. Lastly, draw the inner lining on the hat, and then draw i   


For your last drawing step finish the sketching of the legs and then draw the feet. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing and prepare it for color.


Here you can see a very familiar character that is a part of almost all our childhoods. Your drawing on Dr. Seuss is complete and it's now time you color him in. All you need is a black and white crayon, or you can choose to add some color. Great job   

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February 3, 2010

Description: The name Dr. Seuss is a well recognized character for the Dr. Seuss book series. The beings that is often associated with the name, is that of the “Cat in the Hat”. In all reality the good doctor is a man. His name is Theodor Seuss Geisel and he is the American writer that is responsible for all those very popular kids books like “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”, “Green Eggs and Ham”, and the genuine classic, “The Cat in The Hat. Almost all of Seuss' stories are rhymes, and they are loaded with different types of characters that are more like creatures. In total there is sixty published books from Dr. Seuss, and a few movies as well. Most of the artwork in the books where hand drawn by the author, and a lot of hard work, determination, and creativity didn't come easy. In Orlando Florida, there is a place called “Seuss Landings" at Islands of Adventure. Here you will explore the world through Seuss' eyes and maybe then understand his vision he once had. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Dr. Seuss, step by step" in the form we recognize or associate this author with. I will be back later with more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what I upload next. Peace out and happy drawing!

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