How to Draw Diamondhead

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The pose I drew for Diamondhead really conveys how powerful he really is. Start by drawing the shape for his head, torso, shoulder, and then the arms. You will then add the facial guidelines and then draw the limb lines for the left arm, and legs.


Now you will start sketching out the actual shape of Diamondhead's, head. He has a pointed tip on his head, and then a diamond shaped jaw structure. Next draw the shape of his torso and back, and then sketch the shape of his shoulder as well as add d   


Draw the structure of his face and then draw the spike like shards coming out from his back and then continue to sketch out the detailing or design on his upper arm. Lastly, sketch the lining for his chest, and detail the body and face as you see it    


Continue to sketch out the shapes of the arms, and then the left rocky looking hand. Diamondhead almost reminds me of Thing from Fantastic Four. Draw the circle for the Omnitrix sign, and then add some detailing and definition to the left arm and han   


Here you have the last drawing step. All you will need to do is sketch out the strong looking legs, and then draw the feet. Next draw the rest of his right arm and then the hand, and then sketch in muscle definition on his legs, and then just detail    


Learning how to draw Diamondhead" is probably one of the funnest tutorials you can find when it comes to Ben 10 aliens. Color him in and that's it, you're done.

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February 4, 2010

Description: Diamondhead is an Alien Force character that is making, or has made a big impact on the animated series Ben 10. He is a emerald green being that comes from the planet Petropia. I remember specifically when Ben first used Diamondhead, it was so cool. He needed to use an alien that could take on Vilgax's giant robot. It was episode “And Then There Were 10”. Remember when I said that his color was the color of an emerald? That's because his body is made from an unbelievably durable crystal that is both organic, and makes him almost invulnerable to anything. What's cool about Diamondhead is his ability to omit crystal like weapons from any part of his body at will. If an enemy where to use a laser of some sorts on him, it would be completely useless because since his body is like a jewel, things of that nature will just reflect right of him and bounce back to the one that triggered the weapon. Like all glass or jewel like objects, if they shatter, they break right? Well with Diamondhead, it's the same thing. His body can shatter if exposed to a very strong sonic vibration. I know this seems fine because aliens of his race can regenerate limbs, but the problem with that theory is, if the damage is significant enough, there is no recovery. His color reminds me of kryptonite from the Superman stories. I think this is going to be a very popular lesson because when you learn “how to draw Diamondhead", you will also be teaching yourself the skill to drawing Ben 10 aliens as well. Have fun guys, and expect to see more tutorials on the way today. Peace out!

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