How to Draw Doctor Who Symbol

Artist: gothfairy / December 28, 2010

Step 1.

In this step we are drawing the basic shape of the Symbol,which looks like a rectange.Make sure to draw the line down the middle to help you center your letters

Step 2.

We are going to start on the left hand side with the D.First,draw a verticle and horizontal line so it kinda looks like a window

Step 3.

now we are going to start the shape of the D.Fisrt,curve the two bottom and top corners on the right or the D.Then,give the two remaining corners a 'Times New Roman' look by making the curves drag out a little.Finally,draw the oval in the middle and    

Step 4.

Now we can start on the W.The corners on the W aren't as curved as the ones on the D,but give the bottom left and right corners a curve and make the top left and right not-so-curved.Then,draw two lines from top to 3/4 of the way down

Step 5.

Almost done! Hang in there. Now all you do is give the finich of the W and rub out any guidelines. Note: Make sure the letters ARE NOT touching.

Step 6.

Second last step. We just put a small,rectangle looking thing (Sorry,im not very mathamatic) on the top to represent the light on top of the TARDIS.

Step 7.

Now this step is conpleatly optional but I recomend it to make your drawing stand out more.Put shading around the letters like shown and surounding the light-thingy. And your Done! Thankyou for taking my tut and I will try to post more tuts soon

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Artist: gothfairy
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Description: Doctor Who has resently regenerated into a new actor and next year the next series feturing Matt Smith will come to British television in April.The Doctor Who symbol kinda looks like the TARDIS Formed by the letters D and W (Standing for Doctor Who) Anyway,Good luck drawing the Doctor Who symbol. P.S.This is my first tut so i hope it isn't TOO confusing.