How to Draw Diego, Diego From Ice Age

Artist: Dawn / July 20, 2012

Step 1.

You will be drawing a head shot of Diego so let's begin. Start with an almond shaped circle like you see here, then sketch in the facial guides.

Step 2.

You will begin sketching out the structure of Diego's head and face shape. Start with the top of his head, then continue by drawing the front part of the cat's face. Draw the fluffy cheeks like so, then draw in his ear.

Step 3.

Diego has a very prominent jaw structure. You will need to draw out the lower part of his jaw in a large, squared off manner. When that is done draw out the large saber fangs like so, then draw the lip line as well as the other ear.

Step 4.

Using the facial guidelines draw in the eyebrows, then draw the shape of the nose. Add detailing to the ear, then draw in more of his bottom lip as well as the rest of his teeth. See how nice Diego is coming along.

Step 5.

Lastly, you will draw out the eyes, color in the pupils, then draw the lining that forms the nose and nostrils. Draw the shoulders as well as the markings that will give Diego the two toned coat. Erase your mistakes so you have a clean drawing to col   

Step 6.

Here is Diego when you are finished. Now you can color him in the way he looks in the movies.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 20, 2012
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Description: My little sister asked me if I could make two lessons on the characters from the new Ice Age movie that is out in theaters. I never did them before so here it goes. Here is "how to draw Diego from Ice Age", step by step. In the very first film Diego was the villain. It was his main goal to befriend Manny and Sid to kidnap the toddler baby that belonged to a tribe that was recently attacked by Diego's clan. As you can tell Diego is a Sabertooth cat, and he is or was voiced by Dennis Leary. Despite being the villian in the first movie, he later became a family when he joined Sid and Manny in the quest for survival. They are his good or best friends now, and he would do absolutely anything for them. I like Diego's personality because even though he hangs with Sid and Manny, he still gives them attitude and sass. I didn't expect to enjoy drawing Diego, but as I sat there drawing him out, it brought me back to the days when I used to be a fan of the movie too. I still can't believe that it's been so long since the very first Ice Age film came out. I was so excited when I first seen it, I must of tried to draw the Ice Age characters for weeks before I gave up and went back to fantasy drawing. Anyways, this is a fun lesson to tackle especially if you are a fan of the Ice Age saga. I have to glide out of here for now, but my presence will return momentarily. Adios, and peace out people!