How to Draw Sid from Ice Age


The first step is to draw out Sid's head and neck. Don't forget your facial guidelines! Then draw his arms and the guidelines for his claws. After you sketch in his rather rounded waist :-D , you can draw his stubby legs and the guidelines for his fe   


Now that the basic frame is drawn, we can add some detail. Sketch in his nose, mouth, and eyes. Keep in mind that he has a very big mouth (anyone who's seen the movie will know I mean this in more way than one). Now, draw an outline along the main fr   


We're almost there!! Here we'll be adding the final detail. Start by detailing Sid's eyes. Draw the nostril in his giant nose, and add his buck teeth and tongue to his mouth. Draw those crazy strands of hair near his eyes and the top of his neck. Nex   


Like it or not, we're almost done. All you have to do now is establish which lines you will keep and erase all of your guidelines. Well, we're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and that it was easy for you (but not too easy!). Sid is now ready   

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February 18, 2009

Description: Hello, my fellow drawing friendshh! As you may have guessed, I'm talking with a lisp to introduce my second tutorial. This one is on how to draw Sid the sloth from Ice Age. There have been two movies so far, and there will be a third this year!! :-D In case you have not seen these movies, I will briefly fill you in. In the first movie, Manford "Manny" the mammoth unwittingly saves Sid from bloodthirsty rhinos. They rescue a human baby, and with the help of a shady saber-toothed cat named Diego, they set out to return it home. Diego, who had been betraying them to get the baby, ends up saving their lives and destroying their enemy, and they become friends. In the second movie, Manny, who misses his family that was taken away, meets a female mammoth named Elly. She believes that she is a opossum, and that two mischievous opossum called Crash and Eddie are her brothers. In the end, they all go away together, and their adventure is yet to be continued! Sid was most definitely the funniest character in this movie (even funnier than that nut-grubbing Scrat), and I can't wait to see what gust-busting comedy the next movie has to offer! I apologize if his skin is too yellow; I'm working with limited resources here!! Of course, you could color him blue if you wanted! Let's jump straight into it.

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