How to Draw Dexter

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Okay now Dexter is going to be a very simple cartoon character to draw. he is basically all rounded and square. Start by drawing the shape of his head and then draw in the facial guidelines as shown. Now when drawing out the shape of his head you hav   


Now here you will first start sketching out his curly hair twirls and then draw out his big bold looking glasses. After the glasses are drawn out draw the shape of his small pointed nose and his top lip for his mouth. next draw the buttons that go al   


All you have to do here is color in two pupils and finish drawing out his right hand and than his left. You will often see Dexter with three or four fingers so don't think I am missing fingers. Now you are ready top draw in the bottom part of Dexter    


That is it you are done. Just color his glasses and pants in black and color the rest of his outfit in. That was super duper easy wasn't it. Now you can add him to your cartoon network collection. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Dext   

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June 11, 2008

Description: Okay who is ready for another fun filled tutorial on a character from Cartoon Network. Today you will be learning "how to draw Dexter". We all know who Dexter is; he is a young boy that also happens to be some what of a genius. When Dexter wants to be away from the world which includes his mother and father and especially is big sister Dee Dee, he goes threw his wall into his secret laboratory. Dexter often holds long conversations with his trusted adviser, his computer. You often hear him say “computer, tell me the coordinates to get to mars” or something crazy like that. I love Dexter. I think he is a charming eccentric young man with a lot of love and feeling to share even though he likes to keep himself a mystery. Though at times Dee Dee gets on his nerves, Dexter truly loves his sister and wouldn’t want to see any harm come to her even though she finds her way into his “secret” lab once in a while. Dexter also has a rival that he competes with to examine ones genius and his name is Mandark Astronominov. If you follow the series you would know that Mandark often tries to take credit for Dexter’s inventions and creations whether it be a super ray gun, or just a plain old new way to wash clothes. Mandark and Dexter are like oil and water, they just do not mix. I do believe that there is an episode where the two become friends for a short period and before the episode is over they are back to being arch enemies again. Now, there is often a tool that Dexter will use against his enemy, and that is Dee Dee. You see, Mandark has a secret love crush for Dexter’s sister and Dee Dee has no idea. She just prances around playing with her imaginary pony and pays no mind to the things that Dexter promises to Mandark. I love Dexter he is the best. I am also very happy that you all will be learning "how to draw Dexter, step by step". The instructions are easy enough for kids and adults of all ages to learn from. So what are you waiting for press that button on your book shelf and step into Dexter’s Laboratory.

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