How to Draw Courage

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I know this first step looks like a big blob right now but believe me it does serve a purpose. Start by drawing the acorn shape first which is going to be the top part of Courages head. Then draw the long rounded shape for his snout with the famous    


As you can see by the time you are finished with this step you will be looking into the hollow eyes of Courage. Next draw out the two lined eyebrows and then two oblong circles for his eyes. Then work on the shaping of his large nose. Next you wanna    


Okay this is the last step of drawing and it is going to be a very easy step to accomplish. You are going to draw out the shape of his long skinny ears and then give him two small dots for pupils. Now six dots all together for his whisker spots and t   


This is the finished product of your drawing of Courage the Cowardly Dog. How super simple was that? Just color him in that pink color and you will be all set. That does it for this tutorial on how to draw Courage the Cowardly Dog step by step.

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June 11, 2008

Description: Okay Courage is another favorited character of mine from the Cartoon Network line up. In this tutorial I will be showing you "how to draw Courage" the Cowardly Dog. Courage is a mutt that was taken in by his beloved master Muriel. Muriel absolutely loves and adores her dog with all her heart and sometimes fights with her grouchy husband Eustace to be more kind and loving to Courage. This is a very loyal and protective dog that often gets the two out of trouble due to the stupidity of both Eustace and Muriel. There is one episode where an old hag comes to their home asking for food and shelter and Eustace slams the door on her face and she curses him with a dark cloud over his head until he does something nice. But as you know the chances of Eustace doing something from his heart and nice at the same time is almost nearly impossible. Of course Courage comes to the rescue and tries to give Eustace clues on what to do to lift the cloud from above his head. Eventually he removes the cloud and everything is back to normal. There is also another episode where Muriel falls for a goose that tries to win her with his charm and taker her off into the clouds to be his forever wife. The more Muriel bites the bait left from the goose the more reeled in she becomes. Once again Courage comes to the rescue and starts beeping the horn from Eustace’s truck to make the impression of another goose call. The goose finally takes the bait and fetches the truck for marriage. As you can imagine Eustace was not to happy to have his truck which he loved very much taken away from him like that. There are so many episodes of Courage that I enjoy watching. One of my favorites is when Eustace’s foot becomes infected by some sort of talking fungus. This tutorial will show you just how easy it is to draw Courage the Cowardly Dog step by step. I hope you like it and I will be back with more fun tutorials.

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