How to Draw Demiveemon

Artist: Meepers1242 / October 4, 2012
How to Draw Demiveemon

Step 1.

Draw circle for his head and two circles for his eyes. Draw a circle for his body and two ovals for his legs and then three swirled lines for his ears and tail.

Step 2.

Draw on his eyes first and then draw on his mouth. And then draw the rest of his head and then his ears.

Step 3.

Draw on his little and then draw on his beginning of the leg and then rest of his body.

Step 4.

And then finish drawing on his leg.

Step 5.

And finally draw on his tail and ur done.

Step 6.

Now that your done you can color it :DDDD Don't let this little guy go with out color O.O

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Artist: Meepers1242
Date Added: October 4, 2012
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Description: How to draw demiveemon cute little guy isnt he :DDDD