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How to draw Dancing Bacon

Artist: kbailey232 / April 23, 2013
How to draw Dancing Bacon

Step 1.

Start with the outline of the bacon.

Step 2.

Then add the strip down the middle.

Step 3.

Next add the facial features. The eyes and the mouth.

Step 4.

Next add the arms. Just draw two lines then two smaller lines at the end for his fingers.

Step 5.

Now add the legs by drawing one straight line and one slightly curved line. Then add the feet by drawing a point where the line ends then go into a oval and meet the end at a point.

Step 6.

Darken the lines and color if you want. Make sure to tell me how it turned out!! :D

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Artist: kbailey232
Date Added: April 23, 2013
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Description: Oh Yeah! Dance bacon. DANCE!! :D