How to Draw Cutiepiemarzia, Marizie


Make the shapes for the head, torso and legs like so then sketch in the facial guidelines.


We will now define the shape of Cutiepiemarzia face like so, then incorporate the ear. Add the hair line and sketch in some inner ear detailing. Also add a small earring too.


We will now use the facial guidelines to draw out the big chibi style eyes. The lids should be super thick and bold and should also flare out for the lashes. Once that is done draw the eyebrows, nose and simple smile.


We will now draw the arms and torso like so. Add the indent around the waist and the small ruffle lining at the ends.


Next, draw the waist for her skirt, then draw the pleated ruffles when drawing her skirt. Add the legs and small feet as well as they are crisscrossed over one another.


Draw in the collar lining to her sweater, then draw a simple necklace as well as the hands on her hips.


Lastly, draw the long, straight hair which is parted to the left. The ends of her hair should be curly or bouncy looking. Add detailing to the hair and then erase your mistakes and guides.


That's it. You are all done drawing Cutiepiemarzia in chibi form. Now you can color her in and show people who you just drew all by yourself.

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April 24, 2015

Description: I don't know how many people are familiar with this the person I made a chibi of, but she is a Youtube celebrity that has approximately 5,266,691 subscribers and I'm sure by the time you folks read this description she will have more. So having said that, today I will show you how to draw chibi Cutiepiemarzia, step by step. I think I captured her human self very nicely in this chibi depiction of the Youtuber. Her eyes, nose, hair and even body pose really shows who this is supposed to be even if there was no title for this tut. I was actually asked to make this lesson and since people have been liking the chibi tuts lately on Youtube celebrities, I thought it would be nice to make this lesson on drawing Cutiepiemarzia in chibi form. So go ahead and have some fun. Not only is Cutiepiemarzia cute in human form, she is adorable in chibi form as well.

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