how to draw cute halloween pikachu

Artist: catworld132 / October 23, 2015

Step 1.

first you make the outline.

Step 2.

so first you make an outline of your pikachu.

Step 3.

then you just turn the cheeks white.

Step 4.

then you start on the ears of pikachu.

Step 5.

then you do the same on step three

Step 6.

then you draw the cute little arms.

Step 7.

then you do the same as on step three

Step 8.

then you start on her little legs.

Step 9.

then i turned it grey but do not have to.

Step 10.

then you need to erase the lines in the legs

Step 11.

then you turn it yellow and start drawing the tail.

Step 12.

now you color in the tail, but were not done yet.

Step 13.

now you make the cheeks.

Step 14.

now make the eyes.

Step 15.

then you can make the little mouth

Step 16.

then you make the tips of the ears and the little stripes on the tummy.

Step 17.

now you make the basket and your done!

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Artist: catworld132
Date Added: October 23, 2015
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Description: most of my first tuts are gonna be pokemon halloween.